Repeater – How to

The repeater feature of Cotracks Music Studio enables notes to be triggered in rapid succession without actually tapping the note more than once. The repeater repeats automatically whatever notes are playing, with rate that can be controlled through an interface resembling an XY-pad. The repeat rate is determined by the horizontal position of the repeater handle. Most of the controller area is for freewheel repeat, while there are four slots on the bottom edge, that enable a special beat synced repeat.

Freewheel and Beat Synced Repeat

The beat synced repeat makes it very easy to create fast rolls that synchronize with playback. When the handle is in one of the slots, the repeats occur at even sub beats whose number depends on the slot. Each of the four slots repeat at different rate. It is possible to move the handle directly from one slot to the next.

The freewheel repeat doesn’t synchronize the triggers in any way, which enables odd and almost arbitrary repeat rates and a very useful rate sweep, where the handle is dragged slowly from the left to right, triggering notes faster and faster, or the opposite, from right to left triggering notes slower and slower. One very cool trick is to start from a fast freewheel and land it in one of the beat sync slots.

Toggling the Repeater

The repeater is in effect only when the pad is touched. This enables toggling the repeater on and off very quickly. The quick toggling can be used to create some quite impressive rhythmic textures by tapping short repeats at different rates while playing a note or a chord.

Sometimes it might of course be more convenient if the repeater would just be enabled without the need to touch it. This is where the repeater hold comes handy. When the hold is enabled the repeater acts as if it was constantly been touched at the handle location. To enable repeater hold, simply toggle the hold button next to the pad.

Blending Over a Sequence

The repeater can be applied to notes that are played live as well as to notes that are played back from a previously recorded sequence. The blend can be recorded, meaning that it is possible to overdub a sequence with the repeater. To blend the repeater tap the record button while touching the repeater handle.

Toggling Repeater Playback

It is possible to disable the repeater while playing back a sequence which contains some recorded repeater action. To disable the repeater playback, toggle the small “play” symbol next to the repeater pad.

Repeater in Action

Finally, it’s best to see the Cotracks’ repeater in action. This is a clip extracted from the Cotracks Features Overview video.