Kairatune 1.3 is available!

Kairatune 1.3.0 has been released for Mac OS and Windows. This update contains improvements both on the inside and the outside.

Kairatune 1.3.0 VSTi Win64
Kairatune 1.3.0 Mac OS
Kairatune User's Manual

User Interface Scaling

Kairatune’s user interface now supports scaling, improving usability on a wider range of display sizes and resolutions. Plug-in UI scaling works a bit different on every host, but generally you should be able to resize the plug-in window by dragging from the bottom right corner. The graphics rendering is now 100% vector based allowing Kairatune to appear sharp and clear on any display.

Parameter Automation

Plug-in parameter handling has been updated for better host integration. Most hosts will now show user friendly values and ranges in parameter automation editors and snap to the allowed values when a parameter’s value is non continuous.

Other Changes

This update brings a ton of smaller improvements and bug fixes, including stability improvements during preset import and export and recalling the plug-in state in projects created using older versions of Kairatune.

Please report any bugs on the support forum or send email to support@futucraft.com