Cotracks update 1.0.15 bug

We’ve received bug reports from users who’ve updated to 1.0.15 and have lost instrument panels after the update, effectively rendering Cotracks unusable for the users hit by this bug. We’ve removed Cotracks from the App Store until we release a fully working update. Don’t update please. The new version will be available ASAP.

Cotracks update 1.0.15

Cotracks has been updated to version 1.0.15. This is a maintenance release updating Audiobus and AudioCopy support for iOS 9 compatibility.

Cotracks update 1.0.14

Cotracks has been updated to version 1.0.14. This update fixes a bug that caused exported audio play in the wrong key.

Cotracks update 1.0.13 out now!

Cotracks update 1.0.13 is out!

We’re happy to bring you this update and absolutely humbled by the App Store reviews. Average rating of 4.5 stars is a clear statement from our users. Thank you!

This update brings:

  • Overdub recording
  • Swing
  • Tap tempo
  • Audiobus 2 and Inter App Audio support

Overdub recording gives you the ability to create music by combining several takes into one, recording a track layer by layer, note by note. Swing gives you the ability to control the groove of your entire session or fine tune the groove of individual tracks. Tap tempo lets you synchronize Cotracks’ tempo by tapping along an external beat. Audiobus 2 and Inter App Audio support let you stream audio from Cotracks to other compatible apps.

Cotracks multi-user collaborative music app designed for teamwork on iOS iPad available in iTunes App Store