Updated Cotracks’ online content and support feature

Just updated the online content and support feature in Cotracks. We had previously all of the videos on the start page. That wasn’t the best approach as the videos took a while to load. All videos have been moved to two dedicated sub sections: Tutorials and Reference. Now you can have a quick peek at the support pages more conveniently.

Looking forward to 2014!

The year 2013 has been incredible! First of all we registered Futucraft and went into the audio software business. We produced and launched Cotracks, our first commercial product. And we sort of completed, what i started with Kairatune two years a go, with the release of the Mac version and the native 64-bit versions. That is not to say that the development of Kairatune has reached it’s goal, on the contrary, now it’s finally possible to start thinking about what’s next? What new features to add?

I already have some new stuff on my mind for the year 2014. There’s still some Kairatune polishing to be done. We’ve received a lot of feature requests for Cotracks and those will be addressed. I will compile and publish a feature request summary for Cotracks as the first thing. We will also put some effort in Cotracks’ marketing. We had talk with Jyrki the other day and thought it would be time to produce the kick-ass demo track for Cotracks! Something we’ve been way too busy to do in 2013. Add to that some new demo videos and perhaps an update on the futucraft.com as well.

It’s been a wonderful year and i’m really looking forward to take on with 2014! Happy New Year to everyone! and a humble, sincere Thank You to all of you for your support!


Kairatune advanced features

Preset manager

The preset manager has some features that are only accessible by right-clicking on the preset list.

  • Details option displays a preset detail editor that lets you modify the preset name and category and add other supplemental information to the preset. Double clicking on a preset name also displays the detail editor.
  • Copy and Paste options lets you duplicate and copy a preset across instances of Kairatune. The Paste option always appends the set of presets instead of replacing the current preset.
  • New option simply adds a new preset with default parameter values and with the name “Init”.
  • Export option lets you save the preset as a ktpreset file.
  • Remove option simply removes the preset.
  • MIDI assignments sub menu lets you copy, paste or clear the MIDI assignments of the current preset.

Plugin configuration

The button on the upper right corner opens a configuration menu. Through the configuration menu you can load or import presets from various file types and export the current set of presets as a ktbank file.

  • Load option replaces the current set of presets.
  • Import option appends the current set of presets.

You can import ktpreset single preset files and load or import ktbank preset bank files exported from Kairatune version 1.2. You can import single preset FXP files and load or import FXB preset bank files generated with prior versions of Kairatune.

  • Restore factory presets replaces the current set of presets with the built in presets.
  • Remove all presets option clears the current set of presets.

If you want Kairatune to start up with a custom set of presets, you can configure the current set to anything you want and set that as the default. After you’ve set the default, any new Kairatune instances will launch with the new default set of presets.

MIDI learn

The MIDI learn menu opens by right-clicking on a control. The menu provides options for assigning a MIDI controller to the parameter by learning. In short, MIDI learning means that you instruct Kairatune to listen to MIDI controllers and assign the first controller it receives to control the selected parameter. The three different variations let you assign the control to the specified sub ranges of the parameter’s values.

After you’ve assigned a controller you will see a separate sub menu for each assigned controller. The sub menu provides options to further modify the controller range or remove the assignment.

Kairatune 1.2 is out!

Kairatune version 1.2 is available for download! This update adds native 64-bit support for Windows users and makes Kairatune available for Mac users for the first time. The OS X version supports both 32-bit and 64-bit Macs and is available as Audio Unit instrument as well as VST instrument.

Kairatune 1.2 has a completely redesigned preset manager, offering support for unlimited number of presets and the possibility to add, copy, paste and remove individual presets and the ability to add metadata, such as preset category, which you can use to narrow down the list of presets while browsing for the right sound, and metadata such as the preset author with contact URL and more.

However, most of my work has been under the hood, redesigning and implementing the inner workings of this plugin. Some of this is because the expansion to OS X, and some for even better sound and user experience i.e. for performance, stability and smoother overall action.

I’m so relieved to be able to offer decent support for all of these platforms at last. It’s been heartbreaking to learn about so many musicians who were fascinated by Kairatune and truly appreciated the sound of this synth, but who were unable to use it because of compatibility issues or the lack of Mac-version. I hope Kairatune will earn more happy users and inspire a lot of wonderful music!

There are many host/platform combinations that i haven’t been able to test as thorough as needed. Please report any bugs you encounter, and if you’re updating from 1.1 on Windows, please make sure to read the instructions in the readme.txt included in the download package.

Finally i want to thank and credit Ilkka Pajunen and Jyrki Pajunen for sound design, usability design, for testing and for support, and give additional credits for sound design to ENV1, Vlad, Togeo Studios, Alv Faria, Mad Processor, Doc Jon, InterSlot Call, Kraftraum, Mark Heath, Manvanmars, Photonic and Ruedi Rena.

Looking forward for 2014!

Kairatune update delay

I’m sorry to tell you this, but i’ve found a nasty last minute bug in the updated Kairatune. It’s only a small detail in the way the hosts load/unload plugins, but it crashes some hosts when they try to unload Kairatune. Release is not possible at this time. I have no idea how long it’ll take to fix this.

Kairatune update coming up!

It’s beginning to look like the next Kairatune update will be out very soon now! This will be the release i’ve been dreaming of since i released the 1.0. The update is focused on performance and compatibility, and is mostly aimed to raise the quality of the instrument a notch, to bring it more happy users and to make the current users even happier.

Updating from version 1.1

Those of you, planning to update from a prior version, should be aware that there has been some drastic changes in the inner workings of the plugin. The changes have involved parameter rearrangements. As a result of this, all parameter automation in projects made with prior version of the plugin, will not work with the next update. All your custom sounds can be loaded, but in case you have lots of parameter automation on your Kairatune instrument tracks, i think you should render those before updating. Old versions will remain available to download of course, in case you ever need to return to some parts that don’t work with the upcoming release. Just in case this sounds confusing, this concerns only parameter automation recorded to your digital audio workstation. Any recorded MIDI, i.e. notes and controllers, are not parameter automation and will work just as before. Parameter automation itself will work in new projects with the next version, but on old projects you will need to record all automation anew to a new track with the new version of the plugin. If you don’t have a clue what i’m talking about here, you most likely have nothing to worry about. I’ll give a thorough explanation in the readme.txt bundled with the update. Just wanted to let you know before the release.

That been said, i am really happy to find this update so close to release! I think it’s fair to say that Kairatune has not been the most frequent on updates – has it been a year since 1.1.1? I know some of you have been waiting for this and i am truly grateful for your patience!

Cotracks update 1.0.12 with AudioCopy

Cotracks has been updated to version 1.0.12. The new version adds AudioCopy support, which is very convenient for anyone willing to take stuff from Cotracks to other apps. For example, importing a bunch of loops, created with Cotracks, to the timeline of my DAW app, is a simple copy/paste using AudioCopy.

We’ve designed a new look for parts of the user interface. The sequence display looks very nice now with nice colors and smooth envelope curves. The controllers look much better with a bit lighter color with less gradient and a touch of texture.

I hope this update makes all the users, who were missing ACP and retina graphics, happy!