Version 1.1 known issues

Importing an FXB bank file via host fails. Some hosts e.g. VstHost and FLStudio don’t suffer from this, but importing an FXB bank file on Reaper is known to fail. This is a bug in the synth and not in Reaper. As a workaround you can import FXB files via the synth interface’s Bank/Load button.

Added Jan 10, 2012

  • The negative vibra values change when knob is clicked.
  • The delay effect can’t be set to a very short delay time. Also the displayed and the effective delay time differ on smallest values.

Added Jan 14, 2012

  • The plugin doesn’t work in 64-bit Cubase.

Even more sounds

The user ENV1 was the first to release new instrument presets after Kairatune was released. Among those was the amazingly massive CS-80 / OB-X emulation preset. Now ENV1 has contributed a bank containing a total of 50 instrument presets. Some of the sounds on this bank are just huge. There’s many dramatic sounding rhythmic synths, some more classic synths, some really tight sfx sounds and even some percussion instruments. The bank is available in the KVR banks and patches section as usual.

Thank you very much for your contribution!

Polishing the update

It’s only a matter of days until i can put the first update out. This release is aimed to improve usability and fix any bugs found so far.

The limited MIDI support was to my mind the most important issue with the initial release. So that’s taken most of my attention in this release. All controls on the GUI can now be tweaked via MIDI.

The supported controls include pitch bend, aftertouch and all MIDI continuous controllers, for example modulation wheel. The synth now responds to MIDI program change messages which enables switching the instrument sounds by remote MIDI controller or sequencer.

I can imagine that the fixed velocity response may have been quite annoying to some keyboardists. So velocity sensitivity is now adjustable.

On most synths the master level control is memorized separately for each instrument preset. On some synths switching instrument presets doesn’t affect the master level. I personally appreciate the latter and changed the behavior in this release. The per instrument preset level can still be set via the master trim control.

The fancy mouse behavior caused serious problems to Wacom pen tablet users. This behavior can be disabled from the settings and preferences menu.

This should help the users who are having problems with unusual pointing devices.

The sound engine has remained untouched by most parts but i did improve the bypass controls eliminating the pops and clicks that occured when any of the fx or the drive were toggled on or off.

Unfortunately mousewheel support will remain on the wishlist. I need to ask around and do a bit research on that before supporting mousewheel.

Even though i never succeeded in reproducing a suspected crash reported by an Ableton Live user, i did find a bug in the MIDI event scheduler that may have caused the synth to crash on some hardware. I really hope that the problem goes away now and we’ll have another happy user.

Everything seems to be in fairly good order with the upcoming release. Just some factory preset checking and perhaps even some tweaking left to do before i’ll put the update out.

More sounds

Togeo Studios specializing in music production, sound design and Ableton Live resources, has released a set of over 30 instrument presets for Kairatune. The set contains really great and very useful sounds. The set is available in the KVR banks and patches section.

Danke schön Togeo Studios!

Status update

I’ve been working on the first update. Most of the bugs and known issues are fixed while some GUI work remains.

The midi control support turned out to be a bit more work than i had hoped for. The midi action by it self is relatively simple to implement, but storing the assignments is not. There are too many, in the order of 10000, possible controller assignments and using fixed size preset format that can store all of them is just way too impractical. In fact, storing any fixed number of them is, so i had to change the preset format to variable sized.

I hope there won’t be any nasty surprises so that i can get the update ready, tested and released soon!

Kairatune Jam

David Perry has uploaded a track featuring some really nice Kairatune leads with exceptional intensity. The track is called Kairatune Jam. All lead parts are perfomed with factory presets.

Update: The track is no longer available. Sep. 22. 2015

Signal flow

I was asked about the signal flow of the synth. Since the GUI doesn’t really reflect the signal flow within the sound engine, i’d better just put out a graph.

As you can see the pitch module isn’t included. The pitch module produces only a control signal that is used by many modules in different ways.