Something from the OSC

There were plenty of really great tunes on the KVR One-Synth-Challenge’s Kairatune round. The tracks are available on the OSC-36 page. A Child’s Hope by Irion Da Ronin was voted for the best track by a clear margin. I got the biggest kicks out of Kaira’s Nightmare by Doc Jon.

I asked the participants to contribute some of their instrument presets and received a good set of really great sounds from Doc Jon, InterSlot Call, Kraftraum, Mark Heath, Manvanmars, Photonic and Ruedi Rena. The sounds are available at the KVR banks and patches section in a single FXB bank.

Kairatune Jam

David Perry has uploaded a track featuring some really nice Kairatune leads with exceptional intensity. The track is called Kairatune Jam. All lead parts are perfomed with factory presets.

Update: The track is no longer available. Sep. 22. 2015