Eyes on the next year

I’m happy to see that the first update has been well received. There doesn’t seem to be any major problems anymore and based on traffic, users are enjoying this version in great numbers. My humble thanks to all of you!

I’ve got a long list of features i would like to see in Kairatune. Some of my ideas are quite inspiring but they still need some developing. The task at the top of my todo-list is to reduce the CPU load. I’ll be working on this in the future and will release updates if and when i manage to squeeze better performance out of the synth without compromising the sound.

I wish you all good time with your music and a happy new year!

Version 1.1 known issues

Importing an FXB bank file via host fails. Some hosts e.g. VstHost and FLStudio don’t suffer from this, but importing an FXB bank file on Reaper is known to fail. This is a bug in the synth and not in Reaper. As a workaround you can import FXB files via the synth interface’s Bank/Load button.

Added Jan 10, 2012

  • The negative vibra values change when knob is clicked.
  • The delay effect can’t be set to a very short delay time. Also the displayed and the effective delay time differ on smallest values.

Added Jan 14, 2012

  • The plugin doesn’t work in 64-bit Cubase.

Feedback update

The user feedback ranging from positive to enthusiastic has exceeded all of my expectations on the KVR Instruments forum. A number of issues has also been brought up, feature requests, unsupported functionality and genuine bugs. So far nothing really catastrophic i’m glad to say.

Many users have been concerned about the CPU usage which is a bit high, and have been encouraging me to optimize further. Many users have requested also for a polyphonic version of the synth. Unfortunately both of these requests are hard to implement, and i can not promise either of these improvements in the near future.

Other issues involve:

  • Standard MIDI program change messages are not supported. Apparently Ableton Live relies on these when a clip is assigned a preset number.
  • The GUI doesn’t work with Wacom pen tablet.
  • Velocity sensitivity needs to be adjustable.
  • The GUI needs to support mousewheel on controls.
  • Better support for MIDI: modwheel, aftertouch, CC etc.
  • Vibra knob behaves bad when turned left.

I will do my best to fix all of the above issues in an update as soon as possible.

There are lots of reserved parameters that unfortunately can not be hidden from the host. They are not visible in the GUI, but most hosts have some display for all parameters. This arrangement has to do with how the VST hosts and plugins communicate and handle presets. Those unnamed parameters are reserved for future use so that if i ever need to add some new parameters to the synth, the old presets and old projects will remain working.

Huge thanks to everybody for the positive feedback and for bringing these issues to my awareness.