Kairatune update 1.2.4

Kairatune version 1.2.4 has been released. This update fixes all of the known bugs. Thanks to everyone who have contributed their time to help me weed out the bugs and issues.

I would like to give some love to Ohm Force for helping with problems i was having with Ohm Studio and to Ableton for their support with Live 9 and to Image Line for their kind support with FL Studio 11 and to Synapse Audio for their support with Orion.

Kairatune update 1.2.3

Kairatune has been updated to version 1.2.3.

  • Kairatune can now be played with the computer keyboard on Windows without freezing Ableton Live
  • Kairatune VST instrument’s parameters can now be assigned and edited in Ableton Live
  • Kairatune will now show up in Ableton Live on 64-bit Windows
  • Fixed a bug that may have caused Kairatune’s parameters to behave erratic on some hosts

Thanks for all who have helped on testing!

Cotracks feature requests

This is the current list of most wanted features for Cotracks.


  • step sequencer / event editor
  • overdub recording
  • record until manual stop
  • swing / groove quantize
  • triplet repeater


  • full 12 keys
  • adjustable keys / ribbon range
  • more scales
  • user defined scales
  • arpeggiator
  • chord generator


  • sample import
  • adjustable sample start / end point


  • input from external devices and other apps
  • output to external devices and other apps


  • centralized mixer for all units
  • tap tempo
  • landscape orientation in solo mode

Please see the up to date list on our support forum.

Updated Cotracks’ online content and support feature

Just updated the online content and support feature in Cotracks. We had previously all of the videos on the start page. That wasn’t the best approach as the videos took a while to load. All videos have been moved to two dedicated sub sections: Tutorials and Reference. Now you can have a quick peek at the support pages more conveniently.

Looking forward to 2014!

The year 2013 has been incredible! First of all we registered Futucraft and went into the audio software business. We produced and launched Cotracks, our first commercial product. And we sort of completed, what i started with Kairatune two years a go, with the release of the Mac version and the native 64-bit versions. That is not to say that the development of Kairatune has reached it’s goal, on the contrary, now it’s finally possible to start thinking about what’s next? What new features to add?

I already have some new stuff on my mind for the year 2014. There’s still some Kairatune polishing to be done. We’ve received a lot of feature requests for Cotracks and those will be addressed. I will compile and publish a feature request summary for Cotracks as the first thing. We will also put some effort in Cotracks’ marketing. We had talk with Jyrki the other day and thought it would be time to produce the kick-ass demo track for Cotracks! Something we’ve been way too busy to do in 2013. Add to that some new demo videos and perhaps an update on the futucraft.com as well.

It’s been a wonderful year and i’m really looking forward to take on with 2014! Happy New Year to everyone! and a humble, sincere Thank You to all of you for your support!