Kairatune update 1.2.7 for Windows

It’s been a while since the last Windows version was released and we’re happy to announce the release of Kairatune 1.2.7 for Windows. This is a maintenance release providing VST3 support for improving compatibility with current VST hosts.

Kairatune 1.2.7 VSTi Win64

Kairatune update 1.2.4

Kairatune version 1.2.4 has been released. This update fixes all of the known bugs. Thanks to everyone who have contributed their time to help me weed out the bugs and issues.

I would like to give some love to Ohm Force for helping with problems i was having with Ohm Studio and to Ableton for their support with Live 9 and to Image Line for their kind support with FL Studio 11 and to Synapse Audio for their support with Orion.